Multiple Teams · May 2017 Athletes of the Month

                                               MAY 2017 ATHLETES OF THE MONTH 

Rudy Trujillo Baseball May AofM
Rudy Trujillo Baseball May AofM

Baseball:  Ryan Trujillo (#310154) 12th Grader Current GPA: 2.83   Varsity

“Ryan has been a consummate teammate this year.  Ryan became our team captain early in the summer and has worked diligently to keep that honor.  He is constantly providing encouragement and support for his fellow teammates.  Ryan also plays shortstop for us and bats leadoff.  He is currently hitting .296 and continues to improve daily on his offensive skills and his defensive craft.  It has been a joy watching him develop into the fine young man and baseball player he has become.  It is an honor for me to nominate Ryan Trujillo for the May Athlete of the Month.”   Coach MacLennan

Christopher Ramos -Cheerleading May AofM
Christopher Ramos -Cheerleading May AofM


Cheerleading:  Christopher Ramos (#327140) 11th Grader Current GPA: 3.50 Varsity

“Chris is being nominated because he is a strong motivated athlete.  As a junior, Chris has taken the role of a leader and has really done his part in making sure he, along with his team mates, are working to the best of their abilities.  Chris has shown great time management.  He has been able to make it to practice and work while maintaining one of the highest GPAs on the team.”

Coach Prawl

Iyari Ramirez Softball May Aof M
Iyari Ramirez Softball May Aof M


Softball:   Iyair Ramirez (#340899) 10th Grader Current GPA: 3.50 Varsity

“Iyair is a big reason why we have been so successful the last two seasons.  She has the ability to call a game with any of our pitchers on the mound.  She is our leadoff hitter and sets the table for our 1-2-3 hitters.  Last season she was voted to 1st Team All League.  From the catchers position she controls our defense and situations that come up during the games which all makes our coaching jobs easier.  She is an excellent student and for me it’s the most important thing at Godinez!”    Coach Medina

Joseline Gazano - Girls' Swimming May AofM
Joseline Gazano – Girls’ Swimming May AofM

Girls’ Swimming:   Joseline Gazano (#315102) 12th Grader Current GPA: 3.17  Varsity

“Joseline Gazano is a quiet woman with a big presence on the pool deck. Her smile and happy attitude is infectious, she’s always the first to ask if we need help or volunteer to carry equipment. Over the last couple of years Joseline has really blossomed into a fantastic swimmer; she has learned to swim, mastered all 4 strokes, and has become competitive on a varsity level. Her smile, her laugh, and her overall sunny personality will be missed next year. Coach Lee and I will miss her presence next year.

Coach Morris

Jose Casian Boys' Swimming May AofM
Jose Casian Boys’ Swimming May AofM


Boys’ Swimming:   Jose Casian (#342012) 9th Grader Current GPA:  3.87  Varsity

“Jose Casian first joined us for water polo late in the summer. Throughout the summer and boys’ water polo season he showed great improvements but this swim season has really set him apart from his fellow freshmen. Every meet he gets faster and every meet he shows mastery of a new swim stroke. Jose has become one of our fastest JV swimmers and our go-to swimmer for both freestyle and breaststroke. Coach Lee and I are beyond excited to see where this talented freshmen will go over the next 3 years.”   

Coach Morris

Tommy Ly Boys' Tennis May AofM
Tommy Ly Boys’ Tennis May AofM


Boys’ Tennis:   Tommy Ly (#321820) 12th Grader Current GPA: 3.30 Varsity

“Tommy Ly has provided a positive attitude on the team all season long. He has encouraged teammates when they needed it, never complaining himself. He was moved around our team line up to help the team out and remained positive, setting a great example for the team to follow. He will be missed.”  Coach Cortez

Swemi Avendano Girls' Track & Field May AofM
Swemi Avendano Girls’ Track & Field May AofM

Girls’ Track & Field:  Swemicarely Avendano (#331952) 11th Grader Current GPA: 4.00 Varsity

“Swemi has been a great leader for us this year. She has improved over the course of the season and she continues to get personal records. She competed with excellence at the city championships and brings an amazing attitude to practice on a daily basis. We are so excited about her potential!”    Coach Echaves

Aristeo Miranda - Boys' Track & Field May AofM
Aristeo Miranda – Boys’ Track & Field May AofM

Boys’ Track & Field:   Aristeo Miranda (#327475) 10th Grader Current GPA: 3.16 Varsity

“Aristeo has a tremendous work ethic. He has battled through injuries this year, and, as a result, he has helped our team tremendously. He brings enthusiasm and a wonderful attitude to practice every day and he never makes excuses. We are honored that he is a part of the program.”   Coach Echaves

Brandon Martinez - Boys' Volleyball May AofM
Brandon Martinez – Boys’ Volleyball May AofM

Boys’ Volleyball:   Brandon Martinez (#321060) 12th Grader Current GPA: 2.80 Varsity

“Brandon Martinez is an excellent example of the character we are all trying to develop in our student athletes.  Brandon is a leader on and off the court and is always there to motivate those around him.  He also gives 100% and his always positive attitude is truly a quality to behold.  Congratulations to Brandon.”   Coach Koeler