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Multiple Teams · Godinez High School Freshman Football ties Portola – AT CARR INTERMEDIATE 0-0

Friday, October 6, 2017

3:15 PM


Godinez High School

Game Recap

Another game, another tie. We’ve had two of them and they are hard to swallow. We were the better team, yet, we can’t get out of our own way. We make untimely mistakes and they cost us. Two sure towndowns results into no scores. It made for a long ride home on the bus. This week, we travel to Saddleback and play the Roadrunners. Stay tuned…

Game Summary


Both team were playing a chess match in the first quarter. We were matching them play for play and no one was flinching. Just before the end of the quarter, we called a pass play over the middle and our receiver was off to the races. Sixty yards later, he was about to score when, out of nowhere, one of our offensive players hit a defender in the back some 20 yards away from the runner getting ready to score. The referee threw the flag and the touchdown was called back. 0-0 first quarter score.


In the second quarter, we continued to move up and down the field but we couldn't get in the endzone. Portola had a few chances but our defense held up and they were not able to score. Halftime score 0 – 0.


In the third quarter, we had our chances again. On a fourth down punt, we were able to run down the field and recover a fumble from their punt returner at the 1 ft. line. Yes, the 1 foot line. I called a quarterback sneak and our quarterback fumbled the ball as he was crossing the goal line. Portola defense recovered the ball in the endzone and they were able to start with the ball on their 20 yard line. Score 0 – 0.


In the fourth quarter, we fought hard to not let them score. They had the ball most of the quarter moving it on the ground. We were getting tired but we used our time outs wisely and our kids were able to catch their breathes when they needed it to stop them on critical downs. The game ended in a tie and we walked away feeling empty. We were the better team because we had our chances to score but we couldn't get it in the endzone. I was emotionally drained after this game. We try to play everyone but when the games are this close, I can't. Stay tuned…