Boys Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball · 1st Annual Alumni Girls Basketball – 2018 Game A SUCCESS!

1st Annual Alumni Girls’ Basketball Game


A huge shout out and thank you to our Head Coach – AJ Alaman and Assistant Coach – Damien Gentry for hosting the 1st Alumni Girls’ Basketball game on 9/19/18.  The coaches did a great job and put in a lot of work contacting past Griz players and prepping for the game as well as officiating the game!

It was great to see these young women come back to Godinez for a game of fun with current players.  I believe are oldest alumni are now 27 year young.  Our alumni got back into the basketball groove and took a break from their busy lives to have some fun back at their Alma Mater.  Everyone got through the game without injury or oxygen!  We look forward to doing it again next year.  THANKS ALUMNI!!  Great to see you all back in the Grizzly Den!  We hope to see you back to cheer on our 2018-2019 team during the upcoming season.

Here was the 2018 night’s line-up for both squads:

White  (Current Stars)…Coached by Reyna & Catherine McMorris

#33  Vanessa Danger Espericueta

#11 Mimi (Downtown) Arreola

#24  Gabby (Gabzilla) Valle

#32 Natalie (Nat)Flores

#40  Jennifer (Jenn) Estrella

#44  Angelica (angie) Ceja

#2   Eya Canada  (Literally eats basketballs for breakfast)

#3  Crystal (Crisis) Diaz

#1 Andrea (Dimeslice)  Sanchez

#41  Montse Mejia



Black  (Alumni Stars)…Coached by Rob/Lisa Morgan


#12  Shirley (Bombing Tutor) Ramos  (Broke so many ankles she became a spokewoman for ObamaCare)

#13  Mercedes Munoz  (She’s so good they named a car after her.)

#10 Nissa Cruz  (Currently representing the California Penal System)

#31  Julie (SHulisha) Prieto McMorris

#15 Nicksey Cruz

#20  Jay Wilson

#32  Annalise (Skywalker)Morgan

#21  Liza Herrera  (This girl shoots more than the NRA)

#11 Tianna (Tee) Jones  (The girl who dunked on Lebron James)

#22  Alexa Salazar

#0  Lefty Garcia

#23  Bridgette Madrigal

#2  Evelyn Suarez

#24 Isabel Silva

#4  Adrianna Valencia

#25 Yvette Mendoza

Evelyn and Bridgette reunited again!
Tianna remembering how the ball bounces!
Mercedes, Kiki, Annalise, Jay, Nicksey, Shirley, Adriana, Julie, Liza
Alumni win the 2018 match up!