Multiple Teams · October 2018 Athletes of the Month



Abigail Najera – Cheer October 2018 AofM

Traditional Cheerleading:   Abigail Najera  11th Grader Current GPA: 2.67 Varsity

“Abby is being nominated because of the amount of strength she brings to the team.  She is tough and hardworking plus on top of

it she has taken on a leadership role.  Abby is the girls the team counts on to make any stunt hit.  Lastly, Abby is always

working to better herself as an athlete.  She makes a goal and pushes herself to reach that goal.”  Coach Prawl

Gabriel Cruz – BXC October 2018 AofM

Boys’ Cross-Country:   Gabriel Cruz  10th Grader Current GPA: 3.67 F/S

“Gabriel is a hard worker and always puts forth great effort. He’s been improving throughout the season and leads his group with a positive attitude.”  Coach Rocha Rodriguez


Janet Adame – GXC October 2018 AofM

Girls’ Cross-Country:  Janet Adame  11th Grader Current GPA: 3.50 Varsity

“Janet has improved substantially in the three years she has been part of our Cross Country team. Her hard work and consistency doesn’t fail to pay off. She is now a top runner, a scholar athlete, and a great person. We are on the edge of our seats as we witness Godinez’ next top runner in action.”   Coach Valdez

Jesse Cendejas – Football October 2018 AofM

Football:  Jesse Cendejas  12th Grader Current GPA: 3.50 Varsity

“Jesse is a great team leader. He is always willing to do extra work needed to better himself and his team. Against Fairmont Prep, he threw for 245 yards and 4 touchdowns.”  Coach Hernandez

Melissa Peinado – Tennis October 2018 AofM

Girls’Tennis:  Melissa Peinado 12th Grader Current GPA: 3.33 Varsity

“Melissa has been our most consistent player all season long, leading our number 1 doubles team, one of the best in the entire league. Last week despite suffering an ankle injury, she played through some pain leading her doubles team to a 4-1 record. Melissa provides the team with an always upbeat and positive attitude.”   Coach Cortez

Wilton Phung – BPolo October 2018 AofM

Boys’ Water Polo:  Wilton Phung   10th Grader Current GPA: 4.00 Varsity

“Wilton is a 2nd year water polo player who has shown absolutely stellar improvements over the year.  Due to injury he was asked to step up into the primary defensive position of 2-meter defense and has become a key part of our defensive strategy.  He may be small, but he is incredibly smart and is able to slow plays down enough to either steal the ball or cause poor shots.  His intelligence in positioning and understanding of the game around him often sets up steals for his team mates, these stats go unrecorded for Wilton but are incredibly important to his team as a whole.  Even with these unmarked stats Wilton averages close to half a dozen steals a game.  As one of several sophomores on our team he can only continue to improve and will become a powerful defensive player for our program in the years to come.”  Coach Morris


Lupita Nieto – GVolleyball October 2018 AofM

Girls’ Volleyball:  Lupita Nieto 10th Grader Current GPA:  3.67 Varsity

“I nominate Lupita Nieto for October Athlete of the Month.  Miss Nieto has grown so much this season and has become a reliable key player.  She’s usually the first one in the gym and the first one to set up the court.  She has so much potential and I can’t wait to get her there.  I am honored to have her again for two more years and I can’t wait to see how great a player she will become.” 

Coach Sok