Multiple Teams · February 2019 Athletes of the Month



Congratulations to our winter February 2019 Athletes of the Month!

Great job Grizzlies and thank you for your tremendous efforts both on and off the court, mat and pool!

Roger Aquino – Basketball February 2019 AofM

Boys’ Basketball:    Roger Aquino  11th Grader Current GPA:  3.00 Varsity

“Roger has been a huge part of our team’s success this season.  Roger is considered one of our best defensive players and will be counted on to be part of the next year’s team.”  Coach Coombs


Yadira Canada – Basketball Feb 2019 Aof M

Girls’ Basketball:   Yadira Canada  10th Grader Current GPA:  3.83 Varsity

“Yadira “Eya” Canada has been a pivotal leader on the floor during games and in practice as well.  She always brings a killer instinct to compete and be the hardest worker.  Eya earned Player of the Game honors from our past game against Western by scoring 14 points, grabbing 7 rebounds, dishing off 5 assists, and coming up with 7 steals.  Her in game success comes from her incredible work ethic during practices.  She is constantly out front and center during sprints and drills.  Along with leading the pack for the girls’ basketball team, Eya is putting in the same amount of devotion in the classroom by maintaining a 3.83 gpa.  Outstanding job young lady, keep up the G.R.I.N.D.!!!    Coach Alaman

David DeNiz – Soccer Feb 2019 Athlete of Month

Boys’ Soccer:   David DeNiz  11th Grader Current GPA: 3.33 Varsity

“David is not only one of the most talented players on the team, but he also has the highest gpa on the varsity squad for the 1st semester.  He is one of the two leading scorers of the team so far this season with 11 goals total.”  Coach Fernandez

Jennifer Molina – Soccer Feb 2019 Athlete of Month

Girls’ Soccer:   Jennifer Molina  10th Grader Current GPA: 3.33 Varsity

“Jennifer leads the team in goals for the second straight year.  She works hard on and off the field.  Her current gpa is 3.33.  Jennifer is only a sophomore and her soccer future is extremely promising.”  Coach MacLennan

Stephanie Hidalgo – Water Polo Feb 2019 AofM

Girls’ Water Polo:   Stephanie Hidalgo   9th Grader Current GPA:  3.33  Varsity

“Stephanie is a hard worker and a rising newcomer on the water polo team as a freshman.  She will be a stong player and will have a significant role next year.”  Coach Wright

Adrian Alvizo – Wrestling Feb 2019 AofM

Boys’ Wrestling:   Adrian Alvizo  12th Grader Current GPA: 3.00 Varsity

“This wrestler is being nominated for his work ethic.  He has a big heart and has wrestled tough matches.  Adrian has overcome injures and is always very determined to do his best.”   Coach Corona


Marlene Orihuela – Wrestling Feb 2019 AofM

Girls’ Wrestling:     Marlena Orihuela  12th Grader Current GPA: 3.00  Varsity

“As a captain of the girls varsity team, Marlene has shown tremendous leadership.  She has competed at a high level and is considered in the top 12 in Orange County in her weight class.”   Coach Corona