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Godinez Recognizes Class of 2020 Cheerleaders

As we are all well aware our spring sports were shutdown this 2020 season due to the global pandemic spread of the COVID-19 virus thus crushing the hopes and dreams of our spring student-athletes, parents, fans and coaching staff.  This was even devastating for our senior athletes in the cheerleading competitive sport better known as stunt as they had been diligently practicing for the 2nd season of the newly formed CIF sport.

Our traditional cheer squad had a phenomenal showing during the 2nd CIF-SS season by clinching the runner-up spot in Division 3A.  The girls were definitely ready to keep up their grind to make their 2nd season of the stunt season awesome too and then it got cut off.  I will say that our cheer coaches have done a fantastic job working with our young ladies and have been instrumental in their success and guidance as a team and individuals.  The coaches are both Godinez alumni – Head Coach Selina Prawl & Assistant Coach Celeste Martinez and that has made it even more special to witness the success of the program and growth over the last several years.

We are extremely proud of our seniors and their efforts both on the floor and in the classroom over the past 4 years.  We wish them all the best moving forward with their post high school plans and are hopeful for their futures.  We also thank & congratulate their parents for supporting their dedicated participation as Godinez cheerleading student-athletes.



KATHYA AGUILAR – Class of 2020

Kathya Aguilar has been in Cheer for 3 years and in Stunt for 2 years.  She is planning on attending Cal State Fullerton and majoring in Accounting to become a Certified Public Accountant.  Kathya’s favorite memory is making it to CIF-SS playoffs and bringing home the runner-up plaque.

KAREN AGUILAR – Class of 2020

Karen has been in Cheer and Stunt for 2 years.  Her plan is to attend Cal Poly Pomona in the fall and study Criminology.  One of her favorite memories was winning our first stunt game last year.  Coach Prawl comments:  “Karen is a great athlete with an even greater British accent.  Grizzly Cheer is so thankful to have had Karen on the team and we wish her all the best.”

SOFIA AMEZCUA – Class of 2020

Sofia has been in Cheer for 3 years and Stunt for 2 years.  Sofia plans to attended Cal Poly Pomona and study Criminology and eventually become a criminal defense lawyer.  She hopes to create a foundation in honor of her mentally delayed brother – Carlos to provide others like him the opportunity to have and an environment where they can participate in activities related to sports & the arts to make friends and share amazing experiences.  Throughout high school cheer has had an immense impact on her life and holds a dear place in her heart.  Her favorite memory has to be the end of USA Regionals when at the end of the routine everyone was so happy because they hit the routine.  Coach Prawl says, “It has been an honor to work with Sofia because she is strong both mentally and physically.  Grizzly Cheer is excited to see what her future holds.”

DIRLAY DIRCIO – Class of 2020


Dirlay has been in Cheer & Stunt for 3 years.  Dirlay plans to pursue a career in medicine by obtaining a bachelors degree in Human Biology & Societies at UCLA.  Her favorite memory would have to be all the funny and memorable moments during summer practices in which I was able to build bonds with the people who to this day are my closest friends.  Coach Prawl comments:  “Dirlay will be missed dearly, she was a hardworking individual and a true team player.  As a captain, she always lead by example.  Grizzly Cheer loves you Dirlay!”

KIMBERLY GALVEZ – Class of 2020

Kimberly has been in Cheer for 3 years and in Stunt for 2 years.  After high school Kim plans to attend Santa Ana College and pursue a career in Social Work.  Her favorite memories were laughing at every practice and on the bus rides.  Coach Prawl comments:  “Kim is an amazingly driven athlete.  She is hardworking and enjoys taking on new challenges.  Kim also has such a positive attitude which makes working with her so fulfilling.  Grizzly Cheer is excited to see what the future has in store for you Kim.”

ARLENE GARCIA – Class of 2020

Arlene has been on the Cheer team for 3 years and Stunt for 2 years.  Her plan for the future is to attend college and pursue a career in the medical field.  Arline’s favorite memories were learning and hitting new skills.  She will never forget when her coach called her a beast a** flyer!!  Coach Prawl comments:  “Arline brought such a positive energy to practice.  Her drive made her such a successful flyer at Godinez.  Gizzly Cheer loves you so much Arline.”

EMMA GUTIERREZ – Class of 2020

This is Emma’s 3rd year in Cheer & 2nd year in Stunt!  In a few months she’ll be continuing her education at Columbia University where she plans to major in biomedical engineering.  She hopes her future also holds more cheer as well.  Emma’s favorite memory is stunting and cheering with all her best friends!  Coach Prawl comments:  “Emma is a shinning example of a student-athlete.  Her work ethic in the classroom and on the mat have helped with the success of this program.  Grizzly Cheer will miss you Emma!”

JASMINE MOLGADO – Class of 2020

Jasmine has been on the Cheer for 3 years and Stunt for 2 years.  Her plans for the future are to attend a 4 year university and continue doing cheer.  Jasmine’s favorite memories were evey laugh and moment that led up to creating her life long bestfriends!  Coach Prawl comments:  “Jasmine is a hardworking individual who is always pushing herself and her stunt group to hit new skills.  When she has her mind set up on a goal, she will do anthing to achieve it.  Grizzly Cheer will miss Jasmen and will always be here supporting you.”

NATALIE MORALES – Class of 2020

Natalie Morales has been cheering for the past 6 years.  The last 3 years have been jam packed with countless good memories, but the one that stands out is finally hitting pyramid 6 in a stunt match and gaining a point against our opponent.  Next year, Nat plans to be working and attending community college.  Coach Prawl comments:  “Nat has grown to be such a strong young woman.  She has an immaculate work ethic and Grizzly Cheer will miss her.”

ABIGAIL NAJERA – Class of 2020

Abby has been in Cheer and Stunt for 3 years.  Her plans are to go to college and major in Criminal Justice while still continuing to cheer.  Abby’s favorite memory was falling during the showcase performance.  Coach Prawl comments:  “Abby is hardworking, tenacious, funny and an overall amazing athlete.  Grizzly Cheer is excited to see what’s in store for you.”

*Special Note about Abby’s future – she recently made a college commitment to attend Westcliff University to attend school and become part of the Westcliff Warrior’s Cheer Squad!  CONGRATULATIONS ABBY!!


Godinez Varsity Traditional Cheerleading Team 2019-2020
Godinez Traditional Cheer 2020 CIF-SS D3A Runner-Up (lost 1st by less than a point differential)