Grizzlies News · ARE YOU PLAYING OR NOT?

Here are some important links to documents explaining various sport tiers and necessary Covid protocols that must be followed for participation:

SAUSD Covid Athletic Guidelines/Protocols

CIF All Sports Guidelines

CIF Sports CV-19 Tier Map (CURRENT)


At Godinez, we are currently trying to get everything in order so we can start up quickly now that we’ve secured some of our playing areas for conditioning and play.  Our situation is very unique and more challenging compared to other schools in our district, we do not have our own facilities and are depended upon availability of Centennial park fields and other high schools.  Given our Covid-19 community situation, this is requiring more time to work out and make happen at this time.  We cannot commit to our league’s schedule for Purple/Red tiered sports unless we have facilities and participants.

Let’s go Grizzlies!  If you want to play sports this year, now is the time to act or it’s just not going to happen.  This is my last plea for action.  I know it’s not easy or a normal situation, but you must act now to commit to participation by getting cleared and showing up when asked to condition, practice and play!  Your coach needs you to commit or let them know you are not playing this year.  Whatever you decide is okay, but please know this is the time to make that choice.

Currently, our clearance numbers are very low and this will also determine whether we will move forward fielding some sports that may already be allowed to do more than condition.  Any Godinez student-athlete wanting to participate needs to get cleared now for this year; if you haven’t already done it.  Check your status for clearance thru your athleticclearance account or email me at if you have clearance questions.  If you’ve had Covid, a doctor’s written clearance will be required prior to any participation; SAUSD form is pending.  This must be documented by me and our school nurse in order to clear you.

It is important to state that when we do anything, we will be following all Covid-19 safety guidelines/protocols necessary.  Any breakout will result in shutting down of program(s).

SAUSD has been approved to do the following right now given current Covid-19 conditions but reserve the right to shut down sports depending upon community health status.

PURPLE TIER SPORTS (Cross-Country, Track, Swimming, Tennis) have been okayed to conditions, practice and play contests if possible.

RED TIER SPORTS (Baseball, Softball) have been okayed to conditions and have limited practice if possible.

ORANGE TIER SPORTS (Volleyball, Soccer) have been okayed to condition only.

YELLOW TIER SPORTS (Stunt, Basketball, Wrestling) have been okayed to condition only.

Contact your head coach for specific sport conditioning, practice/competition schedule.  Seasons are modified and no tournament play is allowed at this time.


GODINEZ FOOTBALL UPDATE:  Our head coach, Matt Watts left our school at the end of January for a new job.  This has left us with a huge hole to fill in order to maintain our football program.  Currently, we do not have a head football coach.  I am working with administration to try and hire a new coach, however, it is not going to happen fast enough for us this season.  I am sorry to announce that Godinez will not be fielding football if there ends up being any season for football.  I know this is extremely disappointing and upsetting for our football players, parents and staff.  I am truly sorry.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact me.  Thank you – Ms. Treen