April 2018 Athletes of the Month

 APRIL 2018


Baseball:  Izak Verduzco 12th Grader Current GPA: 3.00

“Izak has been a 3 year starter on the Varsity Baseball team, and it has been a pleasure watching he become a very talented Catcher and Hitter for our program.  Izak currently leads our team in almost all Offensive categories and he shines Defensively with his work ethic and fantastic arm.  One of the great things about getting to coach Izak over the last 4 years has been the joy of watching him mature as a young man and leader.  His humor and insightful comments are enjoyed by our coaching staff and team.  We are excited about the possibilities that await Izak after he graduates and embarks on the next chapter of his life.  It is a great honor for me to nominate Izak Verduzco as our Athlete of the Month.”   Coach MacLennan


Cheer/Stunt:  Litzy Ortega  12th Grader Current GPA: 3.50  

“Litzy is being nominated because she has shown all aspects of a Champion of Character.  Litzy pushes herself and her teammates.  She challenges herself every day and does not give up when things aren’t perfect.  She has integrity and shows great sportsmanship.  Lastly, she is passionate in what she does.  She puts 100% of herself into everything she does and you can see it in her performance.”

Coach Prawl

Softball:   Sabrina Garcia 12th Grader Current GPA: 3.50  

“Sabrina has been a great asset to our softball program.  She is a strong leader.  She comes out to the field every day and works hard.  She understands what it takes to be a team player.  She’s a fantastic team mate.  She always supports her team mates even if she is not playing.  Sabrina is also an excellent student.  She’s always smiling and ready for any challenge that comes her way.” 

Coach Medina

Girls’ Swimming:   Vanessa Espericueta  11th Grader Current GPA: 3.66 

“Vanessa is a driven, hardworking athlete that has shown great improvement over the course of the season.  She has put 100% into improving at each practice and meet.  Vanessa has pushed and challenged herself and that has elevated her teammates around her.  Her attitude is infectious and deserves to be recognized.”   Coach Lee

Boys’ Swimming:   William Feuerborn 10th Grader Current GPA: 3.16  

“Will started the season swimming on JV.  Soon he approached the coaches asking what he can do to be on varsity.  When he moved up, he showed off the hard work that he has been putting in during practice by breaking the minute on a 100 yard freestyle.  Will is a passionate, hardworking athlete that is up to the challenge of racing against everyone in every lap of practice.  With his drive and hard work, he will continue to get faster.”   Coach Lee


Boys’ Tennis:   Humberto Gutierrez  12th Grader Current GPA: 4.00 

“Humberto has become a versatile player for us.  With the team missing a couple of its top players for weeks at a time, Humberto has been asked to move from doubles to singles and back to doubles throughout the season.  At either spot Humberto has played well and has helped the team win.  He has even played with different doubles partners.  This sets a great example for the team.”  

Coach Cortez

Girls’ Track & Field:   Fanny Santamaria 10th Grader Current GPA:  3.00 

“Fanny is on the way to becoming a great runner and a great scholar-athlete. She has passion for the sport and respect for athletics and others in the team. She shows responsibility, dedication, and resilience. She will be an important member of the team for the next years to come.”   Coach Rocha-Rodriguez

Boys’ Track & Field:   Anthony Gonzalez  11th Grader Current GPA: 3.83 

“Anthony has helped lead the boys during training and competition. He is consistently working hard on the field and in the classroom. His work ethic is apparent to others in the team, which helps drive the team forward. He also shows respect, dedication, and sportsmanship. He is setting a great example for the underclassmen and the team.”    Coach Rocha-Rodriguez

Boys’ Volleyball:  Cole Tran  12th Grader Current GPA: 3.33 

“Cole has been an integral part of our undefeated start to the season.  He is one of our senior captains and has played almost every point for us so far.  He mainly plays libero but can also fill in at outside hitter.  He is a great example of what it takes to be a successful student-athlete at Godinez.”   Coach Sok