August 2018 Athletes of the Month



Congratulations to our August 2018 Athletes of the Month!  Thank you for your outstanding dedication and contribution to our fall athletic sports programs!  Keep up the excellent effort!

Arline Garcia -Cheer August 2018 AofM

Traditional Cheerleading:  Arline Garcia  11th Grader Current GPA:  4.00 Varsity

“Arline is being nominated because she has really stepped up over the last 3 months.  She is the perfect example of how putting

in extra work outside of practice has its rewards.  Over the summer, Arline surpassed all expectations the coaches had of her. 

She has grown to be one of the strongest flyers while still keeping her drive of being better.  She does not settle and pushes herself

to her best.”   Coach Prawl

Reymond Pineda BXC
August 2018 AofM

Boys’ Cross-Country:  Reymond Pineda  12th Grader Current GPA:  3.17 Varsity

“Reymond is consistently leading the team in the right direction.  He is dedicated to learning and growing every day.  He

represents the core values of the program and our school, and he’s doing a great job modeling this for the other students.” 

Coach Rocha Rodriguez

Dalia Gutierrez GXC
August 2018 AofM 

Girls’ Cross-Country: Dalia Gutierrez  10th Grader Current GPA:  2.17  Varsity

“Dalia continuously shows dedication to her sport through the efforts she puts in engaging her teammates.  She encourages the girls to run their best at every practice.  She is the perfect example of what it means to lead a team and is constantly striving to meet her own personal goals too.  Coach Valdez

Williams Velasquez Football Aug 2018 AofM

Football:  Williams Velasquez  11th Grader Current GPA:  3.17 Varsity

“Williams is the player of the game vs Beckman.  Williams has stepped up into various positions to prove himself a huge asset to the team and a wonderful team player.”  Coach Hernandez

Ariadna Navarro GTennis
August 2018 AofM

Girls’Tennis:  Ariadna Navarro  12th Grader Current GPA:  3.50 Varsity

“Ariadna is a great team player.  She helps set the tone for the team, helping keep the team organized.  She has worked really hard over the summer to improve and should be one of the top players on the team.  She has assumed a natural leadership role leading by example.  Ariadna has a tremendously positive attitude that is infectious.  Even her has has a positive attitude.”    Coach Cortez

Charles Luevano BPolo
August 2018 AofM

Boys’ Water Polo:  Charles Luevano  10th Grader Current GPA: 3.83 Junior Varsity

“Charles Luevano first joined our aquatics program during the first week of school last year and has since worked tirelessly to excel.  Through his dedication and hard work, he has become one of our faster freestyle swimmers and has made great progress towards understanding the game.  He is a constant on the pool deck, rarely missing practices, and always giving his best effort to improve.”

  Coach Morris


Melissa Bucio GVB
August 2018 AofM

Girls’ Volleyball:  Melissa Bucio  12th Grader Current GPA:   3.50 Varsity

“Melissa Bucio has earned her spot as a nominee for Athlete of the Month.  She comes to practice every day with the intention of putting in the work and getting better and I have seen the growth.  She has stepped up in a leadership role and has been leading the entire summer.  I am not only proud, but also honored to coach her.  She has a lot of potential and I believe she can be a great player as well as a key player for this team.”  Coach Sok