Boys XC 2018 Athletes of the Month

Reymond Pineda BXC
August 2018 AofM

Boys’ Cross-Country:  Reymond Pineda  12th Grader Current GPA:  3.17 Varsity

“Reymond is consistently leading the team in the right direction.  He is dedicated to learning and growing every day.  He

represents the core values of the program and our school, and he’s doing a great job modeling this for the other students.” 

Coach Rocha Rodriguez

Adalberto De Jesus XC Sept 2018 AofM

Boys’ Cross-Country:  Adalberto De Jesus  9th Grader Current GPA:  Varsity

“Adalberto has shown great sportsmanship.  He’s been improving throughout the season and was amongst the top five varsity

runners for our team in our first race.  He comes in as a freshman showing leadership and is the future of this team.” 

Coach Rocha Rodriguez