Buy Your Tickets Online at GO FAN – No waiting in line!!

This year we have gone to online tickets to make things easier for our fans and us.  You can download the app to your iPhone or go online to the GoFan website.  It is super easy!  You will receive ticket confirmation for your purchase.  When you come to the game show your tickets on your phone and the gate/ticket taker will redeem your tickets.  BAM!  You are in the game and ready to enjoy some Grizzly action!!  We will be selling online through Go Fan for all home football & basketball games.  Try it…it is really quick & easy!

ALL CIF-SS PLAYOFF TICKETS WILL BE SOLD THRU GOFAN BEGINNING 2021!  A special link will be provided to purchase tickets to specific playoff events.

Click on the link provided to go directly to GO FAN online football ticket sales


GoFan How to Buy Tickets Video


GoFan:  How to Validate Tickets (NEW)