Cheerleading 2018 Athletes of the Month

Arline Garcia -Cheer August 2018 AofM

Traditional Cheerleading:  Arline Garcia  11th Grader Current GPA:  4.00 Varsity

“Arline is being nominated because she has really stepped up over the last 3 months.  She is the perfect example of how putting

in extra work outside of practice has its rewards.  Over the summer, Arline surpassed all expectations the coaches had of her. 

She has grown to be one of the strongest flyers while still keeping her drive of being better.  She does not settle and pushes herself

to her best.”   Coach Prawl

Dioska Miranda Cheer Sept 2018 AofM

Traditional Cheerleading:  Dioska Miranda  10th Grader Current GPA:  3.00 Varsity

“Dioska is being nominated because she is such a positive influence on the team.  Dioska brings a level of strength to the team

with her strong work ethic, personality, and drive.  On top of this, Dioska is always finding ways to work with her teammates to

make sure her stunts hit to the best of her ability.  Dioska’s competitive edge has become infectious towards her teammates

which makes practice so much more fun!  Godinez cheer is very lucky to have her.”  Coach Prawl