Girls Volleyball 2018 Athletes of the Month

Melissa Bucio GVB
August 2018 AofM

Girls’ Volleyball:  Melissa Bucio  12th Grader Current GPA:   3.50 Varsity

“Melissa Bucio has earned her spot as a nominee for Athlete of the Month.  She comes to practice every day with the intention of putting in the work and getting better and I have seen the growth.  She has stepped up in a leadership role and has been leading the entire summer.  I am not only proud, but also honored to coach her.  She has a lot of potential and I believe she can be a great player as well as a key player for this team.”  Coach Sok

Samantha Villanueva Volleyball Sept 2018 AofM

Girls’ Volleyball:  Samantha Villanueva  12th Grader Current GPA:  3.50  Varsity

“Samantha Villanueva has shown great promise the year before on junior varsity and has exceeded my expectations as a varsity player playing the libero position.  Miss Villanueva is not only a great athlete, but also has a great personality which makes her a great teammate to the players and makes it very easy to coach her.  I am thankful to have this gifted athlete in the volleyball program.”  Coach Sok