Girls XC 2018 Athletes of the Month

Dalia Gutierrez GXC
August 2018 AofM 

Girls’ Cross-Country: Dalia Gutierrez  10th Grader Current GPA:  2.17  Varsity

“Dalia continuously shows dedication to her sport through the efforts she puts in engaging her teammates.  She encourages the girls to run their best at every practice.  She is the perfect example of what it means to lead a team and is constantly striving to meet her own personal goals too.  Coach Valdez

Valentina Toledano XC Sept 2018 AofM

Girls’ Cross-Country: Valentina Toledano  12th Grader Current GPA:  3.83  Varsity

“Valentina is the alpha of our Grizzly pack.  She sets a great example for her peers by enforcing organization and always leading

our cheer.  At her young age, she held herself responsible for completing practices over the summer while working part time.  Her contagious laughter and sunny disposition lightens our team up like fireworks.  We expect great things from Valentina, both

academically and athletically.  Coach Valdez