March 2018 Athletes of Month



Alonso Jacobo – Baseball March AofM

Baseball:  Alonso Jacobo  12th Grader Current GPA: 4.00

“Alonso has been an outstanding example of what a Godinez Grizzly student-athlete should be.  He is outstanding in the classroom and on the baseball diamond.  He has been our team captain this last year and leads by hard work and integrity.  His grasp of the game continues to grow, and it is a pleasure being his coach in this process.  Alonso will be successful in whatever he chooses to pursue, and it is with great pleasure that I get to nominate him for Baseball’s Athlete of the Month.”   Coach MacLennan

Citalaly Hernandez Cheer March AofM

Cheerleading:  Citlaly Hernandez  12th Grader Current GPA:  2.83

“Citlaly is being nominated because of her remarkable commitment to her team.  Citlaly holds herself and her stunt group to the highest of standards.  She expects her group to be the stongest and in doing so forces the team to hit that same standard.  Citlaly is always pushing herself and constantly looking for ways to strengthen her skills.  Lastly, Citlaly is a fighter.  She does what she can to help her team from fighting for her stunts to fighting to fighting through an injury.  Citlaly always puts the good of the team first!”

Coach Prawl

Savannah Polo Softball March AofM

Softball:   Savannah Pola  9th Grader Current GPA: 4.00  

“Savannah has shown that at such a young age she understands how important it is to maintain a high gpa to make her dreams a reality.  She is that student-athlete that shines in the classroom and also on the field.  Savannah is every coach’s dream proving that she is a leader in class and on the field.”  Coach Medina

Diana Castellon – GSwim March AofM

Girls’ Swimming:   Diana Castellon  9th Grader Current GPA: 3.50  

“Diana has been a rising star for the aquatics program.  She has continued to attend every practice and work hard to improve her stroke work and speed in the water.  She has learned every stroke and earned a spot on the varsity team.  She has earned the respect of her teammates by her work ethic and dedication.”   Coach Lee

Luis Garcia – BSwim March AofM

Boys’ Swimming:   Luis Garcia  11th Grader Current GPA: 3.50  

“Luis has not missed a practice and has been working on learning all four strokes since the end of the boys’ water polo season.  He is constantly asking good questions that will help him get faster in the water.  Luis has learned how to dive as well as do flip turns.  This has led to him to compete for a varsity spot.”   Coach Lee

Andrew Mendoza BTennis March AofM

Boys’ Tennis:   Andrew Mendoza  12th Grader Current GPA: 3.83 

“Andrew has worked diligently throughout the off season to improve his skills and abilities.  He is so far the most improved player on the team, despite moving from doubles to singles.  He has taken the challenge as an opportunity to grow.  Andrew has stepped up since the summer as a team leader in helping organize the team.”   Coach Cortez

Kaylina Moreno GTrack March AofM

Girls’ Track & Field:   Kaylina Moreno 12th Grader Current GPA:  3.57 

“Kaylina works hard on the track and in the classroom.  She also understands the values, ideas, and learning opportunities that our program & school are about.  She leads the sprinters actively and by example.  She is usually communicating with me on topics that make the team better.  The Track & Field program aims to create successful and productive citizens, and Kaylina is on track to become one!”   Coach Rocha-Rodriguez

Andres Ramirez BTrack March AofM

Boys’ Track & Field:   Andres Ramirez  12th Grader Current GPA:  3.50 Varsity

“Andres has shown exceptional character, athleticism, and scholarship since the beginning of the school year.  He is a leader both on the track and off the track.  He is always helping others and assisting in their learning.  He also plays an important role in track & field because he sets an example of the values, ideals, and learning followed by Godinez and the Track & Field program.”   

Coach Rocha-Rodriguez

Eli Nieto BVolleyball March AofM

Boys’ Volleyball:  Eli Nieto  12th Grader Current GPA: Varsity

“I nominate Eli Nieto for March AofM.  Eli is one of the best students I have come across.  Eli is one of those students who you hope to have on your team.  He is very coachable and also works hard on a daily basis.  He is one of the best athletes that I have coached.  I am not just referring to his athleticism, but also to his great attitude and leadership skills.  I wish more athletes could be more like him.  I am honored to be able to coach such a great young man.”   Coach Sok