May 2019 Athletes of the Month


Congratulations to our spring athletes that have been selected for their efforts athletic/academic efforts for the Month of May.  Please read on as to why their coach has selected them for this recognition.  Thank you to all of them for representing us all well!  GO GRIZZLIES!!

Israel Gomez – Baseball May 2019 AofM

Baseball:    Israel Gomez  11th Grader  Current GPA:  3.00   Varsity

“It is a pleasure to nominate Israel Gomez for our May AofM.  Israel has played 3rd base for us this season and has grown tremendously on the defensive end.  Offensively Israel has hit in the middle of our line-up all season.  He finisheds with a .278 BA and was tied for the team lead in runs scored, second in hits, and led the team in RBIs.  We are looking forward to next season, as Israel will be a senior and lead our team with his determination and excellent work ethic.”  Luke MacLennan

Yesenia Popoca – Stunt May 2019 Aof M

Stunt:    Yesenia Popoca  12th Grader Current GPA:  3.50 Varsity

“Yesenia is a great role model for the team.  She motivates the underclassmen and also continues to push herself.  She is hard working and enjoys challenging herself.  She always maintains a positive attitude throughout practice and encourages her teammates during games.  Lastly, she keeps her academics at the same standards as her athletics by maintaining a 3.5gpa throughout the school year.”  Coach Prawl

Andrea Uriarte – Softball May 2019 AofM

Softball:    Andrea Uriarte   12th Grader Current GPA:  2.40  Varsity

“Andrea has played varsity softball for her entire high school career.  She has received All League honors and she is 4 time league champion.  Andrea puts in work in the classroom and on the field.  Her work ethic enables her to overcome challenging situations.  It has been a pleasure having her on the team.  I know she continue to work hard to achieve her goals.”   Coach Medina

Ivan Villegas – Tennis May 2019 AofM

Boys’ Tennis:    Ivan Villegas  10th Grader Current GPA: 3.50 Varsity

“Ivan has served as our team captain in action.  Although he was not recognized until late in the season, he took genuine ownership of captain duties.  He was a great help in keeping our team organized and informed throughout the seaon.  Aside from his leadership qualities, Ivan also led his doubles team to the league quarterfinals.  He will be one of our top returners next year.”  Coach Cortez


David De Niz – Track & Field May 2019 AofM

Boys’ Track & Field:   David De Niz   11th Grader Current GPA: 3.00 Varsity

“David has been a key player since he joined our team.  He has helped the varsity team win relays and dual meets.  He is versatile and will perform well in almost any event.  We look forward to having him as part of the team next year and I know he will be one of our leaders.”  Coach Rocha-Rodriguez 

Yuliana Carrera – Track & Field May 2019 AofM

Girls’ Track & Field:     Yuliana Carrera   11th Grader Current GPA:  2.67   Varsity

“Through struggles and mental thresholds, we have seen Yuli shine.  She has grown mentally and physically to reach what she once didn’t think possible.  She assured one of our victories showing dedication to her team.  Racing is her name and it’s what she does best!  Great job Yuli!!”  Coach Valdez

Nathan Escobedo – Volleyball May 2019 AofM

Boys’ Volleyball:    Nathan Escobedo  Grader Current GPA: 3.67 Varsity

“I’ve always known that Nathan has a lot of potential to be a great athlete and leader.  Nathan was forced to step up and play setter for the team last year, which I bet was a nerve racking role for him to play as it’s like being the quarterback of the team.  Nathan has come a long way over the last 2 years.  He has become a real threat on the court across the board from serving, blocking, hitting, passing and setting.  Additionally, Nathan has moved himself up to being a top offensive player on the team.  Nathan is a great student athlete and is liked by his friends and his team mates and was promoted to a team captain position due to his leadership skills.  I am honored and full of joy to have coached and witnessed Nathan’s growth as a player and leader on our team.”    Coach Sok